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Sousvide Supreme Demi

The new compact SousVide Supreme Demi offers the same unparalleled cooking convenience of the original SousVide Supreme water oven but in a smaller appliance.
Cooking Capacity 8,7 liters.

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Promotion valid from 01-05-2018 to 31-08-2018
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SousVide Supreme Demi

The new compact SousVide Supreme Demi offers the same unparalleled cooking convenience of the original SousVide Supreme water oven but in a smaller appliance. With hands-off cooking that is gentle and forgiving, the Demi makes it easy to have meals ready in minutes at the end of the day. Everyone - from the accomplished cook to the rank novice - can turn out gourmet quality meals with minimal preparation time. It’s as easy as heating water! Just season your dish, vacuum-seal in food-grade pouches, simmer in the Demi water bath, sear or sauce your dish if desired, and serve.
Comparing the SousVide Supreme Demi with the SousVide Supreme:
SousVide Supreme Demi SousVide Supreme
Cooking capacity: 12 x 115g portions of food. 20 x 115g portions of food  
Dimensions: 31.75 cm L, 28 cm W, 28.7 cm H  36 cm L, 29 cm W, 29 cm H

Supreme Demi has a cooking capacity of between 60% and 80% of the SousVide Supreme.

In terms of dimensions, the SousVide Supreme is about the size of a bread machine, while the Demi has a countertop footprint the size of a Crock-Pot®.

How it works:

At the touch of a button, the SousVide Supreme Demi cooks food to perfect serving temperature, with no risk of overcooking. Vacuum-sealed bags lock in flavor and preserve nutritional quality, resulting in dishes of incomparable taste and texture. The precise temperature control and slow-cooking times consistently produce perfect meals—steak cooked medium-rare edge-to-edge; vibrant vegetables; tender, juicy chicken breasts; and ribs with meat falling off the bone. It even saves money, easing the strain on tight budgets by making tough cuts, such as flank steak or brisket, as tender as filet mignon for a fraction of the cost.


• Hands-off, time-saving meal preparation. Just set it and walk away
• Easy and foolproof. Never overcook a meal again. Perfect results, every time.
• Gourmet taste. Capture the full, TRUE flavor of foods
• Added nutritional value. Natural juices and nutrients are retained while cooking in the vacuum seal bag.
• Easy clean-up. No messy pots and pans. Recyle bags and simply wipe down the SousVide Supreme with a cloth.
• Energy-efficient operation. Uses energy equivalent to a 60 watt light-bulb.
• Saves you money. Tenderizes inexpensive cuts.

Your SousVide Supreme Demi ships complete with:

• SousVide Supreme Demi
• Detachable power leads; both UK and European plugs
• Perforated bottom grill designed to generate thermal turbulence
• The Universal Pouch Rack to separate food pouches and keep food pouches submerged.
• User Manual with cooking temperature charts and recipes
• Instructional DVD

Technical specifications:

• 8.7 liters/2.3 gallon water capacity holds 12 x 115g portions
• One-touch precision control panel
• Non-stick coated cavity
• Aluminum lid
• Detachable power leads
• Base grill and rack separate food pouches
• Size: 31.75 cm L, 28 cm W, 28.7 cm H
• Power: 220-240V ~ 50-60Hz 462-550W
• Model: SVS09L
• Imported

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