Steba VK6 Vacuum sealer

For bags/pouches up to: 280mm.
Beyond its use in sous vide cooking, it’s indispensable for keeping stored food fresh longer in refrigerator, freezer, or pantry.

Keep all your food fresh with this Vacuum Sealer from Steba!

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Keep all your food fresh with the Steba VK6 Vacuum Sealer and Steba's foodsafe sealing bags!

The Steba VK6 vacuum packaging appliance removes the air from the bag then seal the bag so that air cannot re-enter.

• Convenient quick snap-in mechanism
• Automatic evacuation and sealing
• Included is 10 bags/pouches with 3d structure (22x30cm)

The Steba VK6 is a powerful vacuum sealer.  Also suitable for all types of sous-vide cookers. 

In general, a vacuum sealer is very useful for storing all types of food in the refrigerator or freezer.  Vacuum sealing foods provide the following advantages:

• All types of vacuum sealed food remains fresh for much longer, and the colour, shape and flavour are retained
• Food exposed to air in the freezer begins to develop freezer burn almost immediately. Vacuum sealing provides protection from freezer burn.

Vacuum packaging is a superior alternative to traditional food storage methods because it removes the oxygen that causes foods to spoil.


• Maximum vacuum: 0.8 bar
• Evacuation speed: 16 L./ minute
• Convenient quick snap-in mechanism
• Automatic evacuation and sealing
• Extra sealing function
• Stop button for interrupting vacuuming immediately with pressure-sensitive foods
• For film and bags up to 28 cm wide and any length
• Hose connection for vacuuming in containers
• Housing: stainless steel and plastic
• Provides protection from freezer burn
• Pulse-function for vacuuming pressure-sensitive foods
• On / off switch
• Rated voltage (V): 220-240V
• Rated power: 170W
• Weight: 1,4 kg
• Outer Dimensions (H/W/D in cm): 6,5 x 34 x 15

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