Vacuum Seal Rolls - 2 rolls (28x600cm)

Package of 2 premium embossed/textured food-grade rolls for making bags/pouches. Suitable for all common vacuum sealers. Each roll: 28 x 600cm.
Brand: Sousvide Shop

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2 Vacuum Pouch Rolls - Each roll: 20 x 600 cm.  Foodsafe material.  Brand: Sousvide Shop

Vacuum Seal Rolls

Our economical vacuum pouch rolls give you the convenience and flexibility of making food-grade cooking pouches exactly the size you need, when you want them.

Just cut the roll to the desired length, seal the end, fill the pouch, and vacuum/seal! No waste!

Perfectly sized to fit what you want to cook each time.

These rolls have an embossed/textured back and a clear front. Almost all external suction vacuum sealers require embossed (or sometimes called channeled, textured or ribbed) pouches, i.e. a crisscrossing effect in pouch to allow the appliance to work properly.

• Premium vacuuming embossed/textured film rolls for making bags/pouches
• Suitable for all common vacuum sealers
• Ideal for all Sous-Vide cookers
• 3D structure
• Tear-resistant
• Stable weld seam
• Boil-proof
• Food safe

• Quantity: 2 rolls per box
• Dimensions: 28 cm x 6 m per roll

Vacuum Seal Bags Features & Benefits:

• The bags have been safety-tested for cooking at high temperatures
• The bags are BPA, lead and phthalate free
• The vacuum bags are compliant with EU directive 10/2011

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