Pay your order by using TransferWise ( )


With TransferWise, you can make the payment of your order with one of the following methods:

Available payment methods: Comments: Cannot be used for
 Credit Card    
 Debit Card  Cheaper/smaller Transferwise fees than Credit Card  
 Wire transfer / Bank Transfer)  Transferwise is a very cheap solution when you want to transfer Euro to us, but your national currency is in a different currency.
 Banks and other providers charge you up to 5% in hidden costs when sending money abroad. TransferWise is up to 8x cheaper.
 Not available for payments in USD or CAD


You  provide the following information about us to Transferwise when making the payment:

 Company name:

 Advanier, Lda


 [email protected]    <-- Our Email MUST be filled in by you (we will then receive a payment receipt by email, which will speed up the processing of your order significantly).




 Quinta de Canes


 Rua Estacao Mourisca SN

 Postal code:



 PT50 0007 0000 1770 4200 1202 3

 Bank code (BIC or SWIFT):


 Sort Code




 Select "payment  to Bank account"

 Do not select "payment to email", because this option will delay the processing of your order

 Fill in our email when you make the payment

 We only receive a payment receipt IF you fill in our email: [email protected]

 If you forgot this during the payment, we ask that you forward us your payment by email.  This will speed up the processing of your order significantly!


How much does it cost to send money with Transferwise:

TransferWise only charges you a fair service fee and uses the real mid market rate for conversion. 
The fee is taken from the money that you send to Transferwise. The rest is converted and sent to us.

Note:The Transferwise fees below do not include charges that your bank or credit card company may levy.


Transferwise fees:


Payments in:


 For US clients (USD transfers to  Euro):


 USD up to $300: Flat $3 fee.
 USD above $300:  1%

 For Australien customers (CAD transfers to  Euro):


 0.7%  Min. 2 AUD

 For Canadian customers (CAD transfers to  Euro):


 0.5-1.2% Min. 4 CAD

 For Danish customers (DKR transfers to  Euro):


 0.5%  Min. 10 kr

 For Norwegian customers (NOK transfers to  Euro):


 0.5%  Min. 10 kr

 For Polish customers (PLN transfers to  Euro):


 0.5% Min. 5 PLN

 For Swedish customers (SEK transfers to  Euro):


 0.5%  Min. 10 kr

 For Swiss customers (CHF transfers to  Euro):


 0.5% Min. 1.5 CHF

 For UK customers (GBP transfers to  Euro):


 0.5% Min. 2 £