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Vacuum Seal Bags - 100 bags (27x40cm)

Embossed/textured film bags.
Brand: Sousvide Shop

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27x40 cm vacuum sealable food-safe bags/pouches. 

These vacuum sealable food-safe bags are specially designed to withstand the temperatures involved with sous vide cooking, but can also be used for storing any kind of food or dry goods.

These bags have an embossed/textured back and a clear front. Almost all external suction vacuum sealers require embossed (or sometimes called channeled, textured or ribbed) pouches, i.e. a crisscrossing effect in pouch to allow the appliance to work properly.

• Premium vacuuming embossed/textured film bags
• Suitable for all domestic/external suction vacuum sealers
• Ideal for all Sous-Vide cookers
• Tear-resistant
• Stable weld seam
• Boil-proof
• Food safe
• Quantity: 100 Bags
• Dimensions: 27cm x 40cm

Vacuum Seal Bags Features & Benefits:

• The vacuum bags have been safety-tested for cooking at high temperatures
• The vacuum bags are BPA, lead and phthalate free
• The vacuum bags are compliant with EU directive 10/2011 and later

Vacuum Seal Bags - 100 bags (27x40cm)

Vacuum Seal Bags - 100 bags (27x40cm).

  • Price: 22.95

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