SousVide Supreme Premium Handheld Zip Sealer

SousVide Supreme Premium Handheld Zip Sealer.
This sealer is ideal for use with Zip Sealer Pouches WITH VALVE to package foods for sous vide cooking and storage.

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A powerful hand-held vacuum sealer.

  This compact but powerful hand-held vacuum sealer works with our Zip Sealer Pouches with valve to package foods for sous vide cooking and storage. Affordably priced and easy to use, the Zip Sealer and charger stand take up about the same countertop space as a computer mouse, and deliver powerful suction to tightly seal cooking pouches. Both the outer and inner suction bases can be removed for easy cleaning.
Ships with four SousVide Supreme Zip Pouches + Vacuum Seal (4 x 0,95l size);


• Hand-held convenience
• Compact countertop footprint
• Low-voltage, energy efficient charger
• Easy to clean


• SousVide Supreme Zip Sealer
• 4 Zip Sealer Pouches
• Charger stand
• Charger stand power cord
• Users' Guide
• Warranty Card


 • Put food into a Zip Sealer Pouch and seal the zip closure at the top of the pouch with your hands.
 • Put the pouch on a flat surface, and place the zip sealer's suction nozzle on the sealer valve on the pouch.
 • Continuously depress the zip-seal button on the sealer to activate the suction function. Release the button when the air has been evacuated and the pouch has shrunk around the food.
 • Gently press the center of the valve with your finger to complete the sealing process.
 • Submerge the pouch in the water bath, or refrigerate or freeze for later use.

Technical specifications:

• Model: VSO500
• Power: Input = 220-240VAC / Output = 11.2VDC
• Certification: CE
• Ships with: Charger base and adapter; power cord; four SousVide Supreme Zip Pouches + Vacuum Seal (0,95l size);
• Users’ Guide; Warranty card
• Appliance Dimensions: 13.5cmL 5.3cmW 7.9cmH, Weight: 0.6Kg
• Gift Box Dimensions: 20.3cmL 20.3cmW 10.2cmH, Weight: 0.7Kg

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